Mining for Companies and Professionals

Comprehensive service for mining operations. Implementation and maintenance.

Planet B is in charge of providing machines, containers to house them, refrigeration systems, and all the necessary material to start or improve your mining operations.

Installation, maintaincance, and economic and energy feasibility studies if you want to start your mining venture.

Official Hardware Vendors

Mining machines at the best price,
new and second hand equipment

Liquid cooling equipment

Installation and maintenance of equipment

Repair and replacement of old hardware

Construction of mining data centers

Improve the yields of your electricity generation

Energy and requirements study

Real-time performance monitoring via private VPNs

Modularized constructions with certified Containers

Specialized training for your team

Open Talks

If you would like to arrange a consulting session completely free of charge with one of our mining experts, we offer open sessions without any commitment to assess your requirements and needs.

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