Planet ₿

A Bitcoin Company



Advice and consultancy for companies and individuals

Implementation of infrastructure to accept Bitcoin in businesses and events

Development of technological projects

Marketing and positioning for businesses

Accompaniment in the process of buying and safe storage of Bitcoin

Training for companies and individuals

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Sale of mining equipment, PDUs, liquid cooling solutions, etc.

Construction of data centers

Repair and maintenance of mining machines

Operations optimization and performance monitoring in real time

Advice and study of project requirements

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Legal & Finance

Legal advice

Safe currency conversion

Investment advice and consultancy

Solutions for personal custody of funds

Multi-signature solutions for companies

Implementation of infrastructure for payments at physical and online points of sale

Financial and legal training for individuals and companies

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About Planet ₿

Planet B 21 is a company dedicated to everything related to Bitcoin. From the most basic aspects to the most advanced projects, we cover all the needs that both individuals and companies may need when starting to use Bitcoin in a professional way.

With experts covering all the sectors in which we work, our clients are in the best hands whatever their goals are.

If you want to make a general query, or have a chat with any of our collaborators, do not hesitate to contact us.


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If you have any questions, want advice on a new project, or would like to arrange a consulting session completely free of charge with one of our experts, we offer open sessions without any commitment to assess your requirements and needs.

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